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18/1/18 For Saron - Netflix - The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Topical - a "locked up" 20 something (only in the US) escapes from her harem. She is more Pollyanna than Pollyanna, or me!

18/1/18 And this is for Podiatry Di. We were talking, as she snipped, about Six Degrees of Separation. There is a 1993 film (Will Smith, Donald Sutherland, and Stockard Channing) or a 2006 TV series. There is a whole lot more to tell on Wikipedia.

15/1/18 This one is for Bri and anyone else that wonders about how the quest for an MS cure is faring -  2017: Reflections on another year in multiple sclerosis The blog is beyond excellent and one of the very few that I have signed up for email updates from. Almost every morning there is something exciting.

13/1/18 Many readers will have met Ros. What those folk will not know is how seldom she uses the word awesome. She did when she recommended The Good Fight. Where should I go? Feminist - but there are actually some good men, Colour Blind (most leads by black Americans) - but some of the main protagonists are white, Anti Trump - but one of the black lawyers voted for Trump and an important, sympathetically handled role, is an alt-right, effeminate, self-promoting pansy. Am I saying nuanced enough ways? A courtroom drama in the heritage of Perry Mason and, more recently, Suits on Netflix.

9/1/18 What computer would you recommend? A frequent question. I am a shameless devotee of The Cloud, and in particular, Google's Cloud. My recommendation, based on price, on-going security, ease of use, and battery life would be a Chromebook of some type. $260 for this one, for example.

5/1/18 Although it says Dr Dave on my door I did not in fact do a PhD or practice medicine. I did a, sadly little known, Professional Doctorate. Mine was a Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) which I was able to get accepted for based on my professional experience at the age of 45. For a nurse, that wants to put the cherished Dr in front of her/his name, the equivalent, in Melbourne, would be Doctor of Nursing (HDNR) at Monash. One third coursework, two thirds, research.

2/1/18 This is a "feel good" movie that does it (makes you feel good) without being unbelievable. Brooklyn is the early 50's story of a young Irish immigrant girl. If you are inclined to tears you'll need tissues but they will be tears of joy.

31/2/17 For Julie - three books (novels) by Graeme Simpsion, the Australian author with aspergers. 
The Rosie ProjectThe Rosie Effect and Two Steps Forward.

30/12/17 The Newstead Walks and Wheels group has been working steadily developing four proposals which are shown in the Google maps in this, two minute, survey. Even if you have made the mistake of living somewhere other than Newstead ;-) you may like the idea of somewhere safe to bike ride. One is from Newstead to Maldon on bush tracks.

30/12/17 And if you do the survey and wonder how the maps were made - we used this free, online, easy tool called Plotaroute. You can build your own library of trails or browse/search through other people's.

29/12/17 The quiet, very true-to-life and ultimately bittersweet Mike Leigh film Another YearThis links to the free trailer. You can stream the movie for $3.99 from Google Play (pause, stop, rewind, share for three days)

26/12/17 Kris Gage is a young woman I have really been listening to lately. In Read This If You Only Sort-Of Have Your Shit Together she reflects on what really matters in your principal life relationship.

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